Sunday, December 25, 2016

0 I AM NOT BORN FOR TIMETABLE, I do whenever I want. Quote by Faiz Muhammad

I AM NOT BORN FOR TIMETABLE, I do whenever I want. Quote by Faiz Muhammad.
You can use this for your facebook timeline cover because it's perfect size for fb cover.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

0 Fiverr Review 2016

Fiverr Review

Fiverr is Online Marketplace where People sell their services or buy a service which is starting from just $5. Fiverr official website is, you can make money on fiverr you just have fiverr account which is free and some skills. 
Fiverr is very awesome Platform for those who want to work online, for those who want to get start of online carear, for those who want to do something and for those who want virtual assistant work in affordable Price.

If you're new in freelancing so you should use, cause you can easily get paid just you have a fiverr account and some Gigs.

What is Fiver Gigs?

Gig Mean a Service which sell on fiverr, for example you have a fiverr account and you want to get paid so the first things is that you have to create Gig, A Gig of any service like: I 'll design a logo  or I 'll distrube your flyer in my University". You can start from any thing just you 'll have a active gig of your selling service.

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You can sell anything on fiverr like: 
I ‘ll Write attractive Tagline for you business
I ‘ll distribute 20 flyers in my University
I ‘ll share your Digital Product in Largest Facebook groups  
I ‘ll share your blog with my Personal active twitter followers
I ‘ll sing Happy Birthday Song (should be Female Voice) 
I ‘ll help you to achieve yours life goals
I ‘ll send top 5 games Secrets that you ‘ll never die
I ‘ll correct your complete Article Grammar & Spelling  (If you can so do it, It’s very hot)
I ‘ll teach how to make Five star dish at Home (I”m not able for this If you’re so do it)
I ‘ll send you 50 Stock images for commercial use (Find free stock images web & send to buyer) 
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

0 OGHI Institute logo - Best Education System in OGHI Mansehra |LOGO|

OGHI Institute Logo

Now you can learn all pro courses from OI..! 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

0 Free blogger templates wordpress theme & many more stuff

If you want udemy free courses wordpress paid theme in free blogger SEO template idm life time setups and many many more update software + plugin so simply go to our Main web site which is click & enjoy :)

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

0 how to earn money from internet without any investment

hi friend, today we talk about on

make money from internet in this moment

everybody want make money from internet but he can’t do this because this field is not easy but I will teach you and I will also provide videos tutorials this is my first article about make money my make money training is coming soon only on this website in this training you can learn following steps/sites/.
make money from internet

1.Make money with Fiverr


2. Make money with FreeLancer
3. Make money with Facebook
4. Make money with Blogger
 (Web dashboard)
5. Make money with WordPress
(Web dashboard)
6. Make money with make money with different Affiliate
  (web hosting company)
7.Make moneywith refer links
 (profit per refer worked link)
8.Make money with YouTube monetization
11.Make money with info link
12.Make money with addfly 
13.Make money with Google Adsense

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